We are looking for a minister to take us forward long-term. As we look at our future we recognise both challenge and opportunity and we are agreed that the future of this congregation will be determined and shaped by what God wants. We are open to change and appreciate that we do not have all the answers.

Kirkmichael, Tinwald & Torthorwald is a united charge. The majority of our worshipping congregation lives in rural farmland to the north and north east of Dumfries and yet our parish takes in the urban settlement of Heathhall. We worship in three buildings. In this lies our weakness and our strength, a congregation which unites and yet retains three separate places of worship. There is an understandable reluctance to let go of attachment to particular places of worship and this will be a challenge for any minister, this challenge is recognised by the Kirk Session. KTT, as the congregation is known locally, is essentially a mission focussed congregation recognising that good relationships are the foundation of effective outreach and the buildings are part of the fabric of these relationships.

The cream / afternoon teas we serve in the summer, tea and coffee after every service. The monthly Collin evening services and our social events are recognised as integral to ministry and fellowship. While numbers at Sunday worship do not differ from the national average, a full calendar of social events ensures that many of our parish population engage with us at some point in the year.

KTT has at its heart a community of faith which is committed to Christ. The Kirk Session voted overwhelmingly in favour of agreeing to welcome applications from those in same sex marriages and civil partnerships.

KTT is on the move. We don’t have time to waste. We are a committed congregation and we want to work with a minister as a team. We acknowledge and admit our weaknesses and this will be part of the journey we need to share with a new minister. KTT seeks to be a Church, part of the Body of Christ. We are a work in progress.

This Parish Profile is intended to be a brief insight, not a policy document.

For more information please contact:

Lorna McCrone, Clerk to Nominating Committee Рlmmccrone@btinternet.com

Judith Jardine, Nominating Committee Chair – jardine592@btinternet.com