Mhairi’s Thought for the Day

Dedicated to the Church of Scotland congregation of Kirkmichael, Tinwald and Torthorwald

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Sunday 18th April 2021

I hope you all have a note of our calendar by now. Today we meet at Torthorwald for worship and next Sunday we will be at Kirkmichael.  You will have to phone ahead to Andrea on 01387263652 and we will update this page with the current calendar. In the meantime keep safe.

A Prayer for today

We give you thanks, Lord God, for each and every new day.
We give thanks to you as the Creator and as the giver of life.
We praise you that through Jesus, your Son, that life becomes eternal –
Through his Easter activity and his promise of life forever more,
and through faith in him.
We give you thanks for the people who enrich our lives,
They too are gifts from you.
For their friendship, their love, their companionship, we praise you.
And in a world where too many are isolated
We bring to you those for whom friendship and love
Are luxuries they don’t have.
We hold before you those fleeing their native countries
For safer ground
And who are left to feel unwelcome.

We pray for those whose lives have been turned upside down
Through warring, through violence, through grief.
We bring to you the governments of the nations of this world
and we pray, in your name Lord Jesus,
that they may know wisdom
and seek peace and justice above all else; caring for all those who are their citizens across nations and across borders.

We hold before you all who grieve
And we think particularly at this time,
Of the Royal Family
And of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, whose loss is so great
And who faces a gap in her life that can never be filled.
For all who mourn:
For all who mourn long-standing relationships
And relationships that were unable to be formed, we pray.
We hold each one before you
Asking Lord God, for your peace, your comfort,
For your strength, and for your courage.

We offer you the families of this world;
Those who have lost children unborn,
Those who have lost young people and adults, parents and friends.
Envelop all of them in your love this day and always.
These prayers we offer, Creator God,
Holding onto the promise of your constant presence with us
Throughout all eternity.
In the name of Christ.


Love & prayers