Mhairi’s Thought for the Day

Dedicated to the Church of Scotland congregation of Kirkmichael, Tinwald and Torthorwald

Monday 30th March
Dear Friends
As we begin our second week in lock down when some of you mat be feeling a bit down, I thought I’d share something funny that happened to me this weekend.
On Saturday I took an amazon delivery for Grace’s birthday (yes she’s going to be four in May!) Following all the guidelines I disposed of the cardboard box and washed my hands and very pleased with my purchases I sat “Scruffpet” and “Cry Baby Katie” on the work top. That night I woke up to hear a strange wail. I broke into a sweat, my heart was racing. I lay for minute thinking it was my imagination. But no there it was again. I was absolutely petrified! And you know when you’re watching a thriller on telly and they get up in the dark, why do they even do that!! Not me bed side light on, main light on, both hall lights on, spare bedroom and bathroom as I investigated the source of the noise. By this time I’m surprised I didn’t have a heart attack but the noise seemed to have stopped. I crept into the kitchen and put the light on and there it was again only louder this time. The culprit? Yes Cry Baby Katie, who apparently is sound and motion activated and the noise of the fridge was setting her off. Now many of you know I don’t like dolls so this was like a living nightmare for me. The only way to stop it “crying” was to put its dummy in its mouth. So there I was at two in the morning cutting through those indestructible cable ties to get the doll free! Cry Baby Katie is now in the back bedroom in a cupboard but even that is freaking me out! Obviously that was me awake for the rest of the night after that adrenalin surge!
On a more serious note some of us, me included are experiencing a different kind of fear; anxiety when we leave the safety of our homes at the moment, to shop, to exercise. Anxiety is an ever present emotion at the moment, anxiety for our loved ones , for our futures, for our ourselves. , for our world.
Margaret Thatcher once said “Home is where you go when you’ve nothing better to do.” I think if she was still alive she wouldn’t say that now. In these times of social distancing and lock down, our homes have become our places of safety and our refuge, obviously we miss each other but for now I will try to appreciate and become reacquainted with my “cleaner than ever” home and not take it for granted!
A prayer for today
God of our homes . We thank you for the homes we live in, the places of safety and refuge we find in them in these most worrying of times. We pray for those who have no place to call home, the most vulnerable on our streets.
God our Father in our isolation, may we know your continued presence, in our anxiety may we know the peace that passes understanding,

Keep strong, look after each other!

Love & Prayers