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Dedicated to the Church of Scotland congregation of Kirkmichael, Tinwald and Torthorwald

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Sunday 24th January 2021

Because of Covid restrictions,  you will have to book ahead to attend church wherever we are worshipping and you can do that by calling Andrea in the week preceding the service you wish to attend (this is to comply with guidance from the Scottish Government).   Because of our imminent move back to Tier 4 we have decided to keep our buildings closed until the  at least 17th January 2021. But I wish you all a very happy and healthy new year . May you know the joy of the Christ Child in your lives at this time  🙏⛪️

Dear Friends

In all honesty January is always a difficult month for me and this past week, although I’ve so much to be thankful for it’s been a long hard week but I was reminded that sometimes its ok not to be ok and I came across this poem which really touched me and I hope will encourage you too.


When the world is on your shoulders

And your heart feels full of lead

And your stomach churns like butter

And the voice inside your head

Is reminding you of everything

You’ve ever said or done

All your failures and regrets

All the times your fear has won

Take a minute to remember

That you’ve survived this all before

You’ve battled and you’ve conquered

When you thought you had no more

You are stronger than you realise

You are brave and wise and kind

And you know you’re so much bigger

Than the doubts that fill your mind

So breathe it in then let it out

Allow the ebb and flow

You can win this war, you always do

You’re a warrior you know!

Love  & prayers