Kirkmichael, Tinwald and Torthorwald

Church of Scotland Congregation

A very warm welcome to Kirkmichael Tinwald and Torthorwald Church website.

Under Church of Scotland guidance we have reopened our Church buildings, Sunday services are at 9.45am.  Please visit the calendar to see the location of the service.

We are currently following the strict procedures issued by the Scottish Government and the Church of Scotland to ensure everyone is kept as safe as possible.   You will receive a very warm welcome if you do come to Church however we do not want anyone to feel they must come and the  online reflections below will still continue.

If you do decide to come to Church,  due to restrictions on the number of people we can have in a building, you need to reserve a seat by phoning Andrea our Session Clerk on 01387 263652.

Please go to the tab at the top of the screen to Mhairi’s Thought of the Day to listen to her thoughts every Sunday. You can also listen to her weekly message by calling 01387 406015 where the message will play. This will be billed per minute in the same way as usual with a general phone call.

Mhairi will continue to keep in touch with our members via telephone.  If you would like a call  please let Mhairi know on 07701375064.

We are happy to help you where we can.  If you are unable to get out and require anything please phone Andrea, our Session Clerk on 07720 621157 and we will try to help.


Due to Government guidelines we are no longer able to have our services at the war memorials. We will as always mark Remembrance at our Sunday Service on the 8th November at 10.30 at Tinwald Church.

Please note that given the current situation there will be no KTT News magazine produced in November/December.

Please take time to look through the various sections of this website to find information about our organisations, events and activities, read our most recent church magazine and have a look at the gallery of our church family as we share in fellowship together.

We are currently looking for a new minister, if you are interested in becoming our minister please have a look at our Parish Profile page.

If you would like to contact us, please complete the contact form and we will happily get back in touch with you.