KTT Magazine

Dedicated to the Church of Scotland congregation of Kirkmichael, Tinwald and Torthorwald

KTT News, our Church magazine produced every 6 months by a dedicated team of 4 people. This is delivered to all church members by their Elders in June and December and includes a half yearly church calendar informing members of upcoming dates for your diary. KTT News is a great way of keeping everyone in touch with Church life within KTT.

All Committee Convenors report on recent church issues; we have an update of our Church Register with Baptisms, Weddings and Deaths.  Members are encouraged to send in articles; these can be anything from a favourite poem/story; local history relating to our area, to an interesting holiday experience.  Where possible we like to include a few photographs relating to special events. We are also very grateful to all our local advertisers published in the magazine who help to support us throughout the year.